Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sick (again!)

Poor Beckett can not catch a break. He's more or less had congestion on some level since he was a couple weeks old. I think I may have mentioned I thought he had the croup a couple weeks ago. While he had the tell tale "barking" cough, it was very mild and didn't last very long. Not the case this week. My poor baby has been miserable. He's trying so hard to give smiles, but then he coughs and starts whining. He tested negative for RSV, so I guess we should give thanks to Z for coughing in his face (before I could get over to stop her) last week and spreading the germs. He is getting better, but still has a ton of snot and has a hard time at night. I hate this! It reminds me why I stayed in with my kids up until R&Z started school. Yes kids are kids and will get sick, but in my case it would be easier for them to get germy when they're a little older.

Rhys recovered very well from his surgery. The morning after he was in tip top shape and ready to come home. He is his happy little self again and has been sleeping like a dream. No pun intended. I sincerely hope this has everything to do with the adenoids and isn't just a fluke. Several people have asked about the change in his voice/speech so I will take that too if it has improved. He is such a smart little guy, he's just trying to figure out a way to get it all out. I see him blooming and it makes my heart melt.

We are working very hard with Zoe on communication. Her vocabulary improves daily, and we've finally gotten her to start signing "please" and "more". She generally whines when something is like she wants or, but we're really pushing her to use words and motions to try to tell us what she wants. It's helped a bit, but she still has a temper. Testy, that one.

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