Sunday, November 6, 2011


Rhys is starting to scream any time we are in the car. Especially when we start to slow down. I'm talking full out screeching and back arching to where he makes himself choke. I don't think this is only a preemie thing or sensory thing, but it is definitely complicated by his quirks. We don't have the typical communication an average three year old would have so we can't try to reason with him or use any of the techniques I've heard about. Nothing we've tried can break through his screaming so we are at a loss as to how to handle it. And about to lose our minds. If it is only Rhys in the car we can ignore it to the point he starts gagging. But, I draw the line at allowing him to puke in my car because he is throwing a fit. If the other kids are in the car it is miserable for them and Z gets upset when Rhys starts acting crazy.

Any ideas? I'm about to call a behavioral therapist!

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Mary Anne Whiteley said...

I fully realize that my kids are mostly 'normal.' The older one does have a diagnosis, but she's the one that's not a pain in the car, never has been. The younger one is the one that prompted us to get a portable dvd player for the car. Would watching episodes of a favorite show help at all? Some kids play with the leap frog toys, or a nintendo ds whatever version (3ds gives me a headache) etc. I don't know what Rhys can do in regards to those types of things, though, but my main thought is to keep him entertained. I hope you find a solution that works for you.