Thursday, September 1, 2011

busy first weeks of school

The last two weeks have been crazy around this house. Rhys started school last Monday. He was so excited about the bus until Thursday rolled around, then it turned into an all out scream fest. According to the bus driver (who btw is fantastic, we will be loading him up with goodies throughout the year because he really takes care of Rhys), as soon as the bus gets moving Rhys is okay. And according to Rhys's teacher he has been doing well at school. So Rhys is up for school at 6:30 and gets home around 11:30. We have therapy/swim between 1:45-2 p.m. three days a week right now so Cody and I decided to try to cut out Rhys's nap on those days since it is very hectic trying to get Rhys fed, stomach settled and a nap in before it's time to leave the house. He's actually done really well with no nap, but we're still in transition mode and there have been a couple of days where he's been so exhausted by 4:30 that he's fallen asleep in the living room. So I've let him sleep for about 30 minutes and then gotten him up, which is another ordeal because he is still super tired and therefore cranky the rest of the afternoon. He is then in bed by 7:30, which hasn't been the norm for him for quite some time.

Therapy is going well. Surprisingly, the transition hasn't been too bad. He still has days of being an unwilling patient, but the staff is great and the facility is awesome as well. Aside from a few small difficulties of adjusting I really think the huge change-up of school and therapy is beneficial to him. He's really being challenged with all these new activities. We decided a while back to go ahead and try the Botox for Rhys's legs. He was scheduled for it yesterday, but Rhys has had a ton of drainage so I rescheduled it to next week. The doctor is using the Botox to hopefully help with the scissoring of Rhys's legs. He'll get Versed for the procedure, so he wont remember receiving the injections, but the Versed is given via nose drops so I am 100% sure Rhys (a) is not going to like that at all and (b) will definitely remember the drops the next time we have a visit to this doctor and most likely scream as soon as we get out of the car. We've also got a swallow study coming up, a gastric study (to see if maybe Rhys doesn't process food fast enough and that is some how contributing to his food aversions) and a therapy consult with speech. Whew!

Zoe started MDO on Tuesday. We handed her off without a single fuss and she did very well, but was so tired when I picked her up. All this running around is new for me since I'm use to hanging around the house, but somehow it works.

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Cyndi Hendrickson said...

They grow up so fast! It always seemed to me like Chloe was right behind him but now she seems so far away from school. But wait...she'll be three and old enough for Pre-K in just one year! Yikes!
I don't know how you keep that schedule. It sounds whirlwind! Good luck with the new school year. Everyone seems to be doing great!