Tuesday, September 6, 2011

more pics!

The two older kids play very well together. They have their moments, but they love each other. Zoe occasionally torments Rhys and steals his toys, but she does share occasionally too, and tries to give Rhys kisses and pats on the back. Rhys on the other hand sometimes gets annoyed with Zoe and he'll grab her feet and not let go. Which as you can imagine doesn't sit too well with Zoe.
They were both giggling up a storm the other day so I walked in to see what was going on and found this.

Rhys had his Botox today. To be honest I was really dreading it. I don't know what exactly I was expecting, but it went over better than I'd thought. The Versed was given by basically squirting a syringe into the nose. Rhys didn't even fuss for that, but after a few seconds he started swatting at his nose and whined a time or two. It didn't take long for it to kick in though, at which point Rhys was a wet noodle. He got 8-10 shots in the back of his thigh, calf and inner thigh. He didn't fuss much with the shots either, just the initial stick, but once she was done he was over it. We'll see how this works out. He's really into pulling up on these little chairs in the playroom.

He does this all on his own, and is doing it quite frequently now. He still needs to support himself, but the fact that he is interested in this position is very promising. He's working towards eventually getting the urge to sit on his own! Whew, what a day that would be.

Drama Queen is in her second week of MDO. Day one was okay, but she was a little confused. Day two wasn't so great, she cried when I handed her over and then when I peeped in the window on the way out she was a little out of sorts. Today she wasn't so happy when I handed her off but when I peeped in (the classroom windows are covered with paper, except for "peep" holes the parents can look in) she was calmly sitting in someone's lap watching the other kids play. But when she was picked up this afternoon she was crying again. And, she refused her snack and didn't eat but three bites of her lunch. She really must have been upset if she refused her food. Anyway, I know the transition expected to be a challenge, but I am honestly surprised she is taking this so badly.

Her hair is getting really long, but she only allows a pony tail. no clippies or barrettes allowed!

Sweet baby boy has started spitting up. Quite a lot, and frequently. I just changed him before this pic and wouldn't you know he spit up as soon as I put him down. Beckett still eats every 2-3 hours at almost eight weeks old. He is a milk monster and it is honestly tiring having to keep him fed. But he is a cutie!

They're still in love with the cozy coupe. As you can see, it hasn't made it outdoors yet, except for the occasional ride from Cody up and down and sidewalks. They are both in this thing every single day.

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