Thursday, August 25, 2011

six weeks old!

My newest PLD* is six weeks old! Man time is flying. Many things I remember being similar to when Zoe was his age, but many things seem to be taking me by surprise. This boy needs a milk cow. Seriously. He eats non stop. Which is great, but tiresome when you're personally required for every feeding. He's between 9.5 and 10 pounds now, so he's growing like a weed!

*precious little darling - there is a story behind this... I always told my mother that my brother was her PLD when we were growing up (well he still is) and could do no wrong, so it's kind of an endearment in our house now

His hair is still the medium brown it was when he was born. We'll see if that stays or changes colors as he gets older. Zoe's hair was a blackish brown when she was born and it is now very light brown. Rhys is still strawberry blond/brown. Both Rhys and Zoe have blue eyes as well. I find that amazing considering neither Cody or I have blue eyes (one of each of our parents do) or light brown/blond hair. Our kids seem to have gotten all our recessive traits, so I'm curious to see what Beckett ended up with.

Zoe just went for her combined 15/18 month well baby checkup. Baby girl is in the 90-95th percentile for height and weight and looks great. She is a little firecracker with a vivid imagination. Cody and I constantly marvel at what she comes up with. Today was meet the teacher for mother's day out. She starts next week and I am very excited for her. I loved watching her explore today and interact with the other kiddos.

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