Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Monday was Rhys's first day of school. It was a very long morning for him, before getting to school. He was up at 6:30 so we could give him his Pediasure and make sure he has enough time to let his stomach settle. He sat and watched his shows for a few minutes, got dressed and got into his chair. I had his bag packed and we were ready for the 7:26 bus pickup! Except the bus was late. And later still. So I called the bus contact and was told the buses were experiencing the typical first week of school delays. No problem. I Just needed to make sure they still had Rhys on the pickup list because I am physically not able to get him to school all by myself since I have no way to get him, in his chair, to his classroom with my two additional kids given their ages. School starts at 8:10, and as we approached and passed that time we decided to pack Rhys up and bring him to school ourselves. As we were walking out the door I got a call from the bus contact telling us Rhys's bus had broken down so we could either continue to wait or bring him ourselves. Cody wanted to see Rhys off to school on his first day so he was still at the house luckily. So we packed up the car with all the kids and Rhys got to school at 8:45.

Since he missed the bus the first day, here he is the second day! He was so excited about getting on the bus, but once he realized Cody and I weren't going with him he got a little upset. But he was fine by the time he got to school and his teacher told me he had a great day. So far so good. I think he is really enjoying his time at school. His after school bus driver has told me he's done great, and he has been in a good mood after getting home.
All this time change is killing me though. I don't get such great sleep because of Beckett, and now having to get up at 6:30 is making me a zombie. I'm really going to be crazy next week when Zoe starts school, we'll have constant activity four days a week.

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