Saturday, April 16, 2011

oh, so busy!

Where does our time go? We've had so much to do around here. Between all the doctor's appointments (mine and Rhys's follow-ups), transition from ECI (which happens when Rhys turns three), the new baby, and our various household projects, we barely have time to sleep.

I am now 24 weeks. Hallelujah! I was sad to get a call from the home health group last week - they wanted to set up my contraction monitor. Boo! I was hoping my OB had forgotten about that. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but monitoring for one hour, twice a day, is a It stresses me out. And sitting still for that long is nearly impossible with two small kids running around. So far I haven't felt any contractions, just irritability. At this point with Zoe I was having a few contractions here and there, so I am grateful for the decreased activity. I am also on my feet a lot more than I was with Zoe, which is a lot more than I technically should be. Even with help during the day I am up and down all day long. My belly seems like it's enormous, as evidenced by the stretch marks on my stomach! I am not at all vain, but suddenly discovering stretch marks in my third pregnancy, when previously I had none, is rather depressing.

Our week days are jam packed with therapy appointments, make-up ECI visits, my (now) weekly OB check-ups, well baby check-ups, ECI to ISD transition appointments, swim lessons, and every other thing we have to squeeze in. Rhys still gets his same weekly therapy from ECI, but he's also had several follow-ups regarding his CP. Speaking of CP, the bad reaction to the baclofen finally went away! He has an up-coming neuro visit, eye dr visit, he's going to be fitted for a new brace for his CP, he needs x-rays on his hips and we have the evaluation with the school district for his transition to regular school next fall. In addition to that, Zoe has her one-year well baby check-up, and baby boy has a scan at the perinatal doctor. This is all within the next two weeks. We've also recently switched Rhys from group swim lessons to private lessons. This is a one-on-one lesson with the instructor, instead of child-parent group lessons. It's easier on Cody because he doesn't have to rush home after work on Tuesday afternoons to make the lesson time and it's more beneficial to Rhys because it's all about him. So far he hasn't appreciated this change, but I'm hoping he starts liking it because he's really do great in the water lately! And all this would be completely impossible without my daytime help. The nanny has been here for four weeks now and I'm going to be sad to see her go when the new baby arrives.

And poor Cody, he's been really busy around here. I think he's a little stressed with all the stuff we'd like to get accomplished before the baby comes. He is trying really hard to get it all done, in addition to having primary duty with the kids to keep me from having to lift them and chase them around the house. In fact, he is at the grocery store as I type this at 9:30 at night! We were in the middle of a kitchen remodel when I found out I was pregnant, so between him being gone for four months during the summer and my now restricted activity, you can imagine it is taking significantly longer than what was intended. We also had some yard work that needed to be done, part of which was putting together the kids' playset. Hopefully that will be finished within the next couple of weeks so the kids can enjoy it while the weather isn't blazing hot out. I honestly haven't even started contemplating where the new baby is going to live, I guess we'll figure it out when he gets here. I'm so very thankful for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy so far, but man I am ready to be 100% again!

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