Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our four doctor's visits in three days are finally over. And I'm exhausted! Rhys had an eye appointment on Monday, during his nap time. At check-in we were told they were running behind. When asked how much behind I was told 30 minutes. Which of course meant 30 minutes in addition to the time we normally wait past our scheduled appointment. So, one hour and forty-five minutes later, with a very cranky Rhys, we saw the doctor. Um, annoying! Had we not needed paperwork filled out for Rhys's transition to school I would have left. It was a fast, good visit though. Rhys's eyes are great and she thinks he got really lucky not having eye problems as a complication of prematurity. We think so, too! She didn't feel the need to dilate his eye, thank you!, since his farsightedness seemed to be going away at his previous visit. And it wasn't that bad to begin with. So, we'll go back in three years for another checkup. She also offered to check Zoe out for any eye problems, since I have a lazy eye that runs in my family. Zoe hasn't shown us anything that makes us believe she has eye problems, but I'd like to have her looked at just in case.

Yesterday I had my OB appointment, where I waited for nearly two hours as well. Cervix is good and closed, and we'll be doing steroid shots next week just in case. My glucose test came back normal, so I'm glad I won't have to worry over that. This morning Zoe had her one-year well baby visit. Baby girl is 95th percentile all the way around. She weighs about 26 pounds, which isn't much less than Rhys's +/- 28 pounds. And she was less than thrilled with her four shots. The girl has a set of lungs on her! I'm am thoroughly enjoying the age she is at. I'm loving watching her figure things out and explore her world. She's recently started waving bye and pointing the remote at the tv expecting the channel to change. She isn't quite ready to walk on her own, but she's doing great cruising and pushing toys/chairs around the house.

This afternoon Rhys had a neurologistappointment. We aren't concerned about anything, just want to make sure we're covering all our bases and not missing anything. We've decided to do a follow-up MRI on Rhys so we can have a baseline of sorts. Even though this doctor is in the same "system" (there is a huge group of all types of doctors that work in conjunction with the hospital - teaching, seeing private and hospital patients, doing research, etc.) he wasn't able to find (on short notice) the MRI Rhys had done when he was discharged from the NICU. But, he will get it and then we'll have a point of comparison. No one believes Rhys is having complications from his brain bleed other than the obvious, but damage to certain areas of the brain can result in things like potential seizures or cysts so we just want to stay informed. We're scheduling the MRI for 6 months from now. The brain quits changing for the most part after age three, except for growing of course, so this is a great time to do it! After the MRI we'll follow up again and discuss what was found. In the meantime, the neuro is very happy with our choice of physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors (the one who prescribed the baclofen), so I think we're moving in the right direction.

Monday I have an appointment with the perinatal doctor, with another OB appointment next Thursday (yes I am beyond tired of weekly OB visits!), and next Friday Rhys has his transition consultation with the school district. That will conclude our crazy two weeks of doctor's visits. And then maybe I'll again feel up to cleaning the house. Or maybe not.

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