Monday, January 10, 2011

Rhys and Zoe


Will be two-and-a-half years old next week!

Finally received his equipment! On December 31, with literally only hours to spare, it was delivered by the MIA sales rep and a service technician. Everything was perfect, except we still don't have the tray for his chair. A template was drawn to cut it to size, and the sales rep promised to bring it by last Tuesday, but surprise surprise we never saw or heard from her. I wrote a letter to mail to the company detailing our horrible experience and had decided against sending it, but this changed my mind. As soon as the tray is in our possession and it is processed through insurance, that bad boy is going into the mail with carbon copies to as many executives as I can find addresses for.

Is still army crawling and getting into absolutely everything. I chase him all day long. We recently converted our office into a playroom (I'll post pics later), so that is a baby prison of sorts. It also gets all most of the toys out of our living room. Score!

Seems to be gaining weight. I think he may be 27 pounds finally. I say think because I typically put him on the scale right before his bath, so that isn't the most accurate time for a weight check. He is still beyond stubborn with eating, but his ability to eat is better. That is not to be confused with his willingness to eat.

Seems to be gaining more movement/use in his legs. I think he actually has more range of movement than he uses on a daily basis but I occasionally see glimpses of said movement and get really excited about it.

Has had a twin size bed for a couple months now. One long side is against a wall, with the other "open" side having bed rail. They unfortunately do not make rails that I can find that extend the entire length of the bed. I try to block those gaps as best I can, but a couple times now I have found Rhys wedged between one of the gaps, very close to toppling out of bed and on his head. I believe it is intentional and am worried he's going to succeed one of these days and hurt himself!


Will be 10 months old next week!

Started clapping and pulling herself into a sitting position on Christmas day.

Shakes her head "no" all the time, though she doesn't understand what "no" is.

Is army crawling! Just like Rhys. She doesn't quite understand crawling on hands and knees, but she is close to figuring it out.

Is trying to pull herself up to a standing position. But again, she doesn't quite get the leg part of it. But she's trying!

Has been feeding herself bottles for the last few weeks. We have to prop her on the Boppy because she can't lift the full bottle while in a sitting position, but she's hand's free feeding for the most part.

Is still a great eater, though she is increasingly wanting to do it all herself instead of having us spoon feed her. I have made nearly all Zoe's baby food from day one, so we've more or less increased the texture of that food until it is bite sized pieces for her to grab herself. It is more of a challenge to come up with healthy "finger foods" for a baby her age than I thought it would be.

Is very good at independent play and is using many toys appropriately. I've said it before, but we are constantly amazed at how a child's learning process works. Rhys does everything so out of order that we've never had "average" in this house.

Thinks screaming (and I mean screaming!) is the way to get what she wants. Despite having used basic signs with her for months, she doesn't yet use any of them in return. Except for maybe milk, I think she does use that one sometimes.

Still has no teeth and none that I can see are about to pop through.


Alicia said...

What a great update! Love hearing about how your sweet children are doing. Don't worry about the signing with Zoe...MJ and John both picked it up around 11 months, so stay consistent and look forward to the 2-way communication coming soon! She's a smart one; when she realizes that signing works to "direct the staff" appropriately, I bet she'll be all over it! ;) Happy New Year to all y'all.

Jennie said...

haha! The comment about Zoe screaming every time she wants something gave me a good laugh today! Good thing she's cute as a button!

Good to hear that all that equipment for Rhys finally came in! I can't wait to see your handsome boy struttin' around all over the house! :)

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

I've heard of two good options for the bed situation. Of course, you've already GOT a bed, but some people use a day bed turned around, and my brother got a bunk bed and let their special needs kiddo sleep in the top bunk, but it was set up as twins, not as a bunk, if that makes sense.