Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today Rhys's nutritionist came for her every-other-month visit. She's actually been helping us more with Zoe lately by giving us food ideas/timing, because while Rhys's ability to eat has increased his willingness has not. So, it's a waiting game with him and she's mainly tracking his weight to make sure he's staying on target. We can weigh and measure Rhys, but we don't really know what his target is to stay on his curve. Just a couple months back she pointed out he had not grown at all, nor gained any weight, in two months. At that point we had to start supplementing with a calorie additive and today he was back to his normal growth curve. He's 26lb 12oz (~50%) and is 34.25" tall (short side of the scale). We aren't worried about him being plump and chubby, because to be honest that's not his body type. We're just trying to make sure we keep him growing as much as is in our control because kids who don't stand and/or walk don't typically grown as well as those who do. Something to do with weight bearing and the bones and some other stuff I can't accurately explain. Anyway, eating has always been a huge concern with Rhys, and probably will continue to be for quite some time. Oh for the day he wants pizza, or a hamburger or holy cow a bag of M&Ms.

Zoe is 28" tall (~50%) and 22lb 10oz (ahem, 90%). She's continued to gain since beginning to crawl (which she incidentally will do on arms and knees about half the time now) but not at quite the same rate. She loves cheese, toast, cereal bars and surprisingly eats meat just as well as anything else. She's still trying to figure out how to pull herself up to stand, but she's finally making it to her knees easily so getting the feet beneath her isn't far off. I love watching her on the magna doodle and how she only wants to write with her left hand.

Have I mentioned that I hate Blogger? More times than not all my text does random things and has stupid formatting quirks. My favorite? When you insert a line separating paragraphs only to publish the post and see no space! Tonight was a first for me, I inserted a picture and it only allowed my existing text to be centered. Look back through all my posts and not a single stinking post is centered. Normally I'd retype it because it bothers me that much, but tonight I'm too lazy. Yes, I'm a little anal that way. Oh and spell check isn't working either tonight so please excuse any misspelled words.

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