Thursday, October 7, 2010

to the zoo we go

Today was our first family trip to the zoo. We purchased a membership with the intention of making this a frequent thing for the kids.

We started out by watching the seals sea lions put on a short show. Zoe kept leaning over to check things out. Rhys was bothered by the sun in his eyes and quickly lost interest.
The last time I'd been to the zoo was about five years ago when I did a volunteer project with the company I used to work for. And, Cody hadn't been since he was a kid. So it was kind of exciting.

The weather was beautiful - sunny, with a clear blue sky and a high of upper 80s. Rhys and Zoe both did great strolling around. I was excited for them to get out and about for a "typical" experience, since we don't always get a lot of those.

Despite staying out past their usual nap time they weren't horribly cranky. Zoe can and will sleep just about anywhere if she gets too tired. Rhys is my wild card and will normally hold off falling asleep until he gets into his bed. Overall, a great time!

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Alicia said...

Love it! Wonderful to see how happy you guys look enjoying the time out together. May it be the first of many!