Monday, October 11, 2010

groceries, food fights and a wedding

The kids at the grocery store this afternoon. Apparently the balloon hander-outer saw Rhys eyeing the balloons so he walked over to give him one. Zoe started grabbing at Rhys's so Cody went and got her one of her own. Zoe still wasn't happy and kept grabbing for Rhys's, which he was not happy about. Any time her hand crossed to his half of the buggy he kindly picked it up and put it back to her side. He's funny that way.

Cody and I have been continually fighting with Rhys on the food front. I have been making most of Zoe's baby food lately, which is a great opportunity to try new foods with Rhys. Rhys still doesn't chew properly so his food needs to be a certain texture so when I make a batch for Zoe I make Rhys try it too. I'm trying at least one new food every day with him in attempt to break through his unwillingness to deviate from the norm. It is good stuff, not the jarred food, so he should enjoy eating it. But that isn't the case. He is a clever little dude and has figured out that if he doesn't close his mouth he doesn't have to swallow. He has even started raking his fingers in his mouth to clean it out. GRRR. Used to if we got a bite in his mouth he'd swallow, but not so anymore. I think his allergies are making him crazy. He has a cough, and very slight drainage. But it's enough to make him refuse just about everything we offer him. It's also enough to set off his puking. I think we've changed his bedding three of the last four nights. Have I mentioned how tired I am of cleaning up puke?!

We had a country wedding last weekend. I guess more specifically it was a wedding that occurred in the country. My SIL and I stood alongside a field of these guys...

... trying to keep the kids quiet. I stole these pics from my BIL by the way, thanks B! Anyway, the picture of the longhorn was snapped and immediately it charged the fence. Lots of fun. But all kidding aside, the wedding was absolutely beautiful.
I just wish the mosquitoes would have have gotten the vacate notice because Rhys ended up with eleven bites, mostly on his face and neck. Yes, I counted. I felt like a terrible mother.

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amyoutlaw said...

Hey speaking of baby food. Did you know Earth's Best has a gourmet meals baby line and a seasonal harvest? It sounds good. Ian had Chicken Mango Risotto last night. They currently have pumpkin flavored ones and turkey cranberry. Got at BBRUs.