Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rhys is mobile! Sort of...

Rhys continues to refine his modified army crawl. He isn't all over the house, but he can certainly get to and from whatever toy (or lamp cord or shoe or remote) he sees that strikes his fancy. He hasn't really left the confines of the living room, but I'm sure that day will come. He is using mostly his upper body to pull himself, but he really is trying to get those legs beneath him. It really breaks my heart to see him grabbing at his legs willing them to move. But, I am hopeful this is like everything else in that it just hasn't clicked for him because I know his legs are capable of more movement. We're making another push towards food variety with Rhys. And we're having a tough go at it. He.is.so.stubborn. His latest trick is to keep his mouth open, refusing to close it and swallow the food. All while screaming mind you. I've never seen such a hard-headed toddler. Sheesh.

Cody and I took the kids to the pedi for their well baby visits yesterday. Rhys started wailing before we even made it to the exam room. After his two shots Zoe was crying and screamed through her four. Lots of tears were shed. But, the kids are all caught up now and all of us now have had our flu shots. Rhys is about 30th percentile for height/weight and Zoe is 60th for height and 75th for weight.

Zoe is oh so close to sitting on her own. She does it perfectly while in her high chair, but when you put her on the floor she isn't so willing. We attempted 6 month pics for her last Friday, but they didn't go so well so we're having to reschedule.

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