Thursday, September 2, 2010

little Z

Zoe is growing so fast. She is the same age right now as Rhys was when he came home from the NICU. Wrap your mind about that one! She is nearly 16 pounds and still loves to eat. Rhys, on the other hand, was about 8.5 pounds at this age. And it amazes me still that despite all our feeding challenges we've been able to get him to the 25%tile on the charts for actual age. But I digress, this is a Zoe post. This is from a couple weeks ago when she had her first cereal.
She picked it up extremely quickly and now consumes a huge bowl full of cereal and apples two times a day. I haven't given her anything else just yet, but I'm sure she'll devour that too! More and more she is acting as though just the milk doesn't satisfy her. It is extremely strange having a child who eats normally. That you can take her out and about and not worry about feeding times and whether you're near a microwave is a novel thing for this household.

I finally have a decent sleeper! For the longest she was eating on demand, every 3-4 hours. Even through the night. She now sleeps anywhere from 7-9 hours a night, consistently. Hallelujah! The only problem is that she goes to bed around 8 and I can never get in bed before midnight, so I still don't get uninterrupted sleep, but this is still much nicer. She also is starting a regular nap pattern, with a small cat nap in morning and afternoon and a longer nap around noon. She is great as far as getting to sleep too, hardly ever fights it unless we're out in public, but eventually she will fall asleep. Hopefully the transition from our room to her crib will go smoothly. I'm about to do it! I really am! I have been putting her to nap in her crib quite often and she does fine, so I'm crossing my fingers she gets the nights down quickly as well!

She's been rolling for a while. Her first roll was from back to tummy, and that is almost an automatic as soon as you put her on the floor or in bed. She sometimes rolls from tummy to back, but not often. She is constantly pumping those chubby little legs and starting to pull one at a time up under her. She absolutely loves the jumperoo, about to the same degree as Rhys.

She isn't quite interested in sitting by herself, but if you have her in your lap she will try to pull away so she isn't resting against you. Rhys and Rollie had better watch out because she stares them down as though she's ready to pounce! Rhys loves his little sister and Zoe is becoming very interested in him as well. I'm going to pretend that is the way it will always be because I don't want to think about separating them from fighting when they get older. :)

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