Monday, September 20, 2010

crib replacement

We've decided to replace Rhys's crib with a regular bed. After getting up to untangle Rhys from an awkward position no less than four times last night it occurred to me (finally after dealing with this for quite some time) that his crib is too small. Rhys rolls all over the place and gets himself into strange positions, then wakes himself up when he can't get out said position. The crib does convert to a toddler bed, but that would leave him the same amount of real estate. Not to mention I am constantly hearing squeaking on the monitor as he flops about, so I think a larger bed would be nicer for him. Yes other 2-year-olds sleep in toddler beds just fine, but Rhys doesn't have the same set of motor skills and his rolling/movements aren't quite as refined. So, we're going to convert his crib into a full-sized adult bed and add bed rails to the sides to enclose it. It's going to be trial and error (hopefully not error that lands Rhys on the floor!), but we have to make it work because the poor kid can't get uninterrupted sleep. I'm sort of excited to do this for Rhys because I sadly never finished his room the way I had intended. He's had all the pieces, but not everything has had a home.

Zoe on the other hand is having no problem sleeping through the night. Finally! I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Not that I believe in that, but you know just in case. She's been in her own room less than a week and already she's sleeping until at least 8 a.m. Wasn't I just saying she was waking too early? I'm crossing my fingers the late mornings continue.

Cody is finally back from working on the other side of the globe. After having two kids by myself for four weeks I have a new respect for single mothers. And God bless working single mothers. I'd lose my mind if I had to handle an eight to five job on top of the kids. Since it is easier to be out and about with two sets of hands I have put off a lot of things that need to get done. My goal this week is to find Rhys a decent, but not outrageously expensive, mattress set and new bedding. We also need to make appointments for all the doctor's visits I've been putting off, including getting flu shots for all of us. And Rhys needs a haircut - even though I love his hair he is looking a little shaggy lately. Lots to do!


Audre said...

I have never commented here but have been reading since Rhys was in the NICU.

I just wanted to say that IKEA has great beds that start out as crib size mattresses and then expands to a twin size bed. The mattresses come in three parts so you can add it as you need it. I have a special needs little guy and he sleeps on one and so does my daughter.

Hope that helps

Jill (& Bob) said...

If you go the full or queen size bed route w/ rails, try and buy a non-pillowtop matress. If you don't, the rails will only rise a couple inches above the matress. We made this mistake w/Sarah's room and ended up going w/out rails and w/out the box spring so the fall wouldn't be bad if it happened...

amyoutlaw said...

Also a note about have to have a box spring and no wooden sides. Make sense? Like Julian's and Max's twin beds and Julian's full sized bed couldn't accomodate rails b/c of the wood siding. The box spring has to be higher than the wood side rails b/c it attaches itself btwn the two mattresses. We ended up using a bunkie board instead of a box spring and lowering the frame to the lowest setting so the fall wouldn't be as great. Good luck! I think that's a fine idea.

Candice said...

Thanks for that Jill! I had actually wondered to myself about that. We went mattress shopping and of course I wanted the most cushy, but then I was wondering about how far the rails would go past the topper portion. Amy, we are planning on getting the regular height box springs and just the metal bed frame. I'm having fun picking out bedding. :) $$$$