Thursday, September 23, 2010

just for fun

I am somewhat crafty. Not so much in creating things of my own design, but I'm pretty good at copying someone else's. I'm also somewhat cheap thrifty. And, I like distressed/old looking things. Combine all that together and it somewhat creates a hobby of repurposing furniture. Over the years we've painted several pieces of furniture - our bed and the guest room furniture, plus the desk in our study.

When putting Zoe's nursery together I wanted to avoid spending $500+ on a new dresser so we started shopping the classifieds. We lucked out and came across an awesome garage sale find that is working perfectly as a dresser, and doubles as a changing table. I love love love this dresser and think it turned out great, if I do say so myself! Especially considering we spent less than $100 on the dresser and materials.

Most recently, we've discovered our small round breakfast nook table just wasn't cutting it anymore. I've been shopping for weeks trying to find a table that meets our needs, but again not wanting to spend several hundred dollars on a new one I shopped used, and found one similar to this.

Just finished our $40 Craigslist find last night. After a lot of (Cody) sanding and a little left over stain it came out looking like this. I love it this piece too and much prefer the price tag compared to the new ones I was looking at.

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Jennie said...

Both pieces look AMAZING!!! I would love to learn how to do this since Bernie and I are currently hosue hunting and I would like to not spend half of our 401 on furniture!

I learn better by watching, so the next time you need company or a hand with sanding down a piece of furniture, give me a buzz! :)

Good to hear that Cody is back in the States! We should do dinner before the holidays descend upon on soon!