Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the dating weighting game

One more week down! Even though I haven't really done any more than normal, the Christmas holidays have made me feel like I am overexerting myself for some reason. Maybe it is because Cody has been home on vacation for the last two weeks, or perhaps it's the hustle and bustle of people coming and going around the house. Either way I was looking forward to getting an all clear from the OB yesterday.

Cody took Rhys to visit some familiar peeps at the NICU while I waited for over an hour to get checked out. My cervix is good, blood pressure is still a bit elevated (for me) but within normal range, and I gained FOUR pounds. In a week! Holy moly Little Sister better be beefing up in there because I'd hate to think all that weight just plastered itself to my rear. I've really noticed my belly growing the last week or so, and have also noticed that Little Sister's kicks are moving up my abdomen so I think she's spreading out. The nurse got a good laugh during the heartbeat check because Little Sister was just thumping away and interrupting the reading. I'm anxious to see the peri again in two weeks to see how much she has grown.

Rhys continues his weekly PT with ECI. The PT seems to think he's made some improvement in the short time she's been seeing him. I have noticed his legs seem a bit stronger than previously, but we're still working on his back muscles and keeping him remaining standing for longer periods of time. He is doing very well using his right arm, which is something we've been hoping for. He still occasionally keeps a closed fist on his right hand, but not nearly as much as he used to, and he can easily be persuaded to grab things with his right hand after initially reaching with his left. He has become a pro at bouncing and can simultaneously throw his arms up and down and/or grab and hold onto the animals up top. Hey, nothing special but it's coordination and I'll take it! His little fits are becoming an everyday occurrence. It's almost funny that he raises his fists and shakes them when he's really angry. Cody and I have to be very careful not to outright laugh at his behavior.

Rhys is now about 22 pounds and has outgrown nearly all the clothes I recently bought him. He has never looked malnourished by any stretch, but he is becoming quite the ham. We continue to work on new foods, but Rhys still prefers his yogurt. Cody recently tried regular oatmeal/Malt-o-Meal spiked with milk, butter and brown sugar and after his initial refusal (and a lot of persistence on Cody's part) Rhys actually ate some of it. I gave him Whataburger fries yesterday on the way home from the doctor and he really seemed to like them and did a good job chewing and swallowing instead of spitting it out. One of these days we're going to look back and wonder how the heck we did all this. Oh wait, we've been doing that for the last year and a half!

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