Tuesday, November 17, 2009


From the moment I knew I was pregnant I've had one thought on the brain. Boy! I was eagerly looking forward to my 16th week of pregnancy to confirm discover the gender. Little Baby had other ideas and didn't cooperate fully for that ultrasound. Though my OB's best effort indicated it was indeed a little boy. However, last week my OB wasn't so sure and told me to have the peri check it today. Let me just say that this whole time I've been focusing on a little boy I have also, in the back of my head, been sure it would then turn out to be a little girl just because that is the way it works. So, I was mentally prepared for today's announcement, even though not necessarily expecting it. Cody, however, was a bit giddy when they told us with certainty Little Baby is a GIRL! So Little Baby is now officially Little Sister. :)

All looked well today with my ultrasound, and (thank you Lord!) my cervix is still nice and long. Little Sister looked "perfect" said the peri, except for one small thing. Apparently I am eating too much sugar because Little Sister's kidneys were too full. I'll go off on a tangent here and let you know that the first thing my OB told me about this peri is to take what she says with a grain to salt and do not freak out until I speak directly to him. This peri is a diabetes specialist and is very serious about that aspect of her work. I do drink regular Dr. Peppers occasionally (while pregnant, otherwise I drink diet), and I just happen to have a movie sized box of Sweet Tarts in my car I've been eating on for the last few days. I also love anything bread, and french fries are my food of choice. So, I concede I might could try to lose some of the starches and sugar. I will talk to my OB about it next week, and in the mean time I will do my utmost to not get mad when Cody tells me I can't have my waffle fries and lemonade from Chick-fil-a.


KCWoodhead said...

Congrats on a baby girl!!

And not-congrats on too much sugar. Your diet sounds about like mine and I certainly wouldn't be interested in changing it!!

Michelle Smith said...

I suspect your "mother's intuition" might have prepared you for a little girl.

Linda B. said...

Congratulations on that baby girl. I know Michelle will be excited about that!