Sunday, August 4, 2013

summer 2013

Last day of school! Zoe often gets up in time to walk Rhys to the bus with me.  In the apartment we have to walk a short distance to get to the front office.  She's intrigued by the bus, and Mr. Guy the Bus driver.  Every morning she walks out with me she has to walk up the steps to the bus and tell the other passengers high.  It totally makes her day and she talks about it all morning.
We are considering SDR surgery for Rhys.  Click here if you aren't familiar.  This is something we just recently learned about, sadly not from one of Rhys's doctors (that's a story for another post), but another sweet CP mom where I've gotten so much of my good and useful information.  So I saw it, read about it and became obsessed with learning more.  The medical community is kind of divided on it, and we still have major reservations about the procedure, but we know the possibilities could be amazing for Rhys.  We went through the application process, had to get specialized x-rays of Rhys's hips (that us below in the dressing area waiting on the x-ray tech!), and sent in our paperwork.  We have a consultation in a few weeks in St. Louis to see if this procedure is a good fit for Rhys.  Yes, doctors in Houston do it but (a) not a single one of his doctors has mentioned it as a possibility, which irks! and (b) this St. Louis doctor is the best in his procedure.  It's all he does.  So off we go!  Please think of us, we're excited and nervous, but anxious to pick this doctor's brain.

Sweet Zo is a little fashionista.  She wants to pick out her own clothes, change multiple times a day, and only wants to wear dresses.  I can sometimes get by with a tunic type top, but she really isn't interested in tees and shorts.  Sigh.

And she's obsessed with sunglasses!

Sweet baby Beckett!  He turned two in July and Rhys turned the big five!

Zoe just completed her float test at swim class.  The goal is to teach them if they unexpectedly fall into the water to get on their back and float to the edge of the pool so they can pull themselves out.  The test is one test, three weeks in a row.  They have to float in street clothes and shoes for five minutes, or until they reach the edge.  Zoe did awesome her first two tests, but last Friday she had to wear jeans.  She doesn't like jeans.  I should have tried to figure out another option, but I wasn't thinking she'd be so angry about it.  She almost failed her float test because she was so ticked off!  But she didn't!!  So proud of Zoe!

And lastly, here is our casa!  Less than two months to go and boy are we ready!  The apartment is tiny, and while it could be worse, we are ready to get the heck out of here.  The roof is on our house, the inside has drywall and is taped and floated.  The texture should be on by the 7th or 8th.  They will hopefully start bricking this week.  Ours is the next house in line, so hopefully tomorrow!  After that it is all interior work.  Soooo excited!


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Jennie said...

Gosh I love your house and your kids are getting so big. So happy for you all.