Wednesday, May 29, 2013

closed and funded!

After a two week delay, and some serious panic on our part, we closed on our old house last Friday.  Just two days prior to that we were seriously thinking we would be scrapping the contract and starting from square one.  Our buyers were a pain in the rump, but we're glad to have it all done with.  Construction on our new house started this week.  Well, nothing has happened technically but we had our pre-construction meeting last Friday as well to go over all our options and requests and they are officially able to start moving dirt now.  Please throw up a little prayer there will be no major hurricane activity this summer so 90-110 days from now we will be residing here...

And just for fun, here is Zoe at her second gig as a flower girl.  Such a better experience than try number one at my brother's wedding a couple months ago.

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