Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We're currently on spring break, and just let me admit it is hard to go from having kids full time, to kids in school part-time, and then back to having kids in the house all day. I now understand all the Christmas/spring/summer break comments from parents with school age kids! Not only have I had all three kids all week, two are currently sick.

Zoe came down with an ear infection two weeks ago and it took three days on the wrong antibiotic for us to realize she needed something stronger. Miserable! We just gave her the last of a 10-day dose yesterday, when B woke up at 4 a.m. this morning with a 103 temp. Took him to the doctor and wouldn't you know he has an ear infection too. First ear infection ever in this house and then we get two within two weeks. So I get B home from the doctor and Rhys comes home from therapy and is burning up. He has a 102 temp so I head back to the doctor to get him checked and he has strep. Sheesh. Luckily Zoe should still be protected from her meds and B is starting his, so hopefully the strep wont spread. Yuck.

Other than that we're preparing for Z's 2nd birthday party. My baby girl is almost two and I can not believe it. I'll post pics from the big day!

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