Saturday, March 17, 2012

newest two-year-old in town

ZoZo celebrated her second birthday today at Gymboree. I have to say (other than feeling rushed to set up and get out) that was a fantastic idea for a two-year-old. She again celebrated with cousin Ian, who you may remember was born on the same day. They had a great time. Rhys and Beckett were unfortunately not feeling well enough to come to the party, and even though we missed having them there it was nice for Cody and me to be able to focus our undivided attention on Zoe.

At age two, Zoe...
  • will randomly say "bye bye guys". No idea where she got that.
  • loves shoes. And since her foot is slimming up Momma can indulge her with more pairs.
  • prances around when wearing anything frilly and girly.
  • loves her brothers.
  • is still a drama queen.
  • calls Courtney "CoCo".
  • walks around the house asking for cookies, coke (even though we don't give her soda) and chips.
  • has discovered "Melmo!" (Elmo).
  • spouts out a string of vowel letters when trying to sing E-I-E-I-O in Old McDonald.
  • also enjoys "Shue Shues" (Blue's Clues).
  • still sucks her thumb, boo!, and is seriously attached to the lovie.
  • sleeps in her big girl bed.
  • laughed hysterically, in all the appropriate places, when watching Bubble Guppies the other day.
  • is beginning to string multiple words into a phrase.
  • is fairly good eating with utensils.
  • gets easily frustrated and then throws whatever it is she is frustrated with.
  • is trying to climb on everything when we're not looking.
  • can (when she's in the mood) follow simple commands and instructions, which is oh so helpful.
  • does not like bows or clips in her hair, I'm lucky to get a ponytail.
  • is interested in the idea of the potty, but has zero interest in using it.
  • loves her "baf" (bath).
  • sometimes scares me in swim class when she intentionally sinks. But she always comes up smiling. What a daredevil!
  • can be summed up in one word: sassy!

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Crystal myers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE! You sound OH SO LIKE YOUR MOMMA!! Love her too! :)

Miss you gal! Crystal