Wednesday, December 21, 2011

everyone has the sniffles

There's nothing like Christmas with sick kids. Well, this is a first, but it still stinks! I tell you, I hate that my kids are passing germs left and right. I liked it much better when my kids were never sick, but I guess we had to leave our bubble at some point. Rhys had Botox done again Monday and was nauseous and puking all day yesterday. He had no fever so my first thought was that it was related to the sedation. Then I second guessed myself and thought maybe he had a bug. He was acting exactly as he did from the sedation with his MRI, and was more or less dry heaving by the end of the day because his stomach was completely empty. I think we decided it wasn't related to the versed, but instead the Botox. His lovely doctor called him in an Rx for the nausea yesterday afternoon. One dose and ten minutes later he was perfect. He woke up great this morning and was good all day long, no meds necessary. He had no problems with his first round of Botox, and he didn't get nearly as many this time so I am wondering what happened. Hopefully we can control it with the nausea meds next time if he reacts badly again. Other than that he has a cough and drainage. Zoe has a runny nose, but is otherwise fine, and my poor little Beckett is also coughing with drainage. If Zoe doesn't keep her grubby little fingers out of his mouth (and sippy cup and toy kitchen spatula) when my back is turned I'm going to have to tape mittens on her hands!

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