Thursday, October 6, 2011

still here!

Yes! We're still around. I can't believe it's been so long since I updated. I guess we're busy. Or something. All the kids are doing great. Rhys continues to do well in school and I do believe he is enjoying it. His weekly progress reports are amusing, and I love to dig in his backpack on Fridays to see what goodies he's made for us during the week. He doesn't fuss about getting on the bus now, and actually indicates he wants to sit outside on the porch in the mornings until the bus gets there. This morning a bus drove by (it wasn't his bus) without stopping and he cried. It was so stinking funny! We followed up with an ENT about Rhys's adenoids and not only are they extremely large, he also has a severely deviated septum and his right nostril is almost completely blocked. I guess that would explain the snoring and horrible fatigue. We go for another appointment tomorrow so I'm hoping we'll all agree on surgery and get it scheduled. I don't wish for surgery, but if I'm honest I am hoping this may help him in several areas... willingness to eat, no snoring, restful sleep, no fatigue during the day, less irritability, better appetite, improved speech. You get the picture. All these things can be affected by adenoids so I am hoping we may benefit even the tiniest amount in any of those areas.

Zoe is still a drama.queen. We're really trying hard to break her of her fit-throwing and screaming. Holy cow that girl can pitch a fit. Her daily report from MDO last Thursday read "basically she is very smart and has figured out that when she screams she gets to leave the room". Oh boy. During the first few weeks of MDO they took the kids who had trouble adjusting to nap time out of the room and pushed them through the hallways in a stroller. Of course Zoe loved this, so now apparently she thinks if she fusses enough they'll let her leave every day. Never mind that was a temporary thing and she now disturbs the other sleeping kids. I was almost embarrassed to drop her off yesterday! But overall I think she is finally starting to enjoy it, and I do believe it is good for her.

Little Beckett is growing like a weed! Poor kid has had a head cold more of his life than not. As soon as he got rid of the first round, Zoe brought home the croup! It isn't a very bad case (yet, and hopefully never), but he has a lot of stuffed up breathing and the telltale barking cough. No fever or problems eating luckily so I haven't brought him to the doctor for it. B is smiling and has two dimples! And he likes to snuggle. Both R and Z are (for the most part) great sleepers and can be put to bed without needing to be rocked or convinced to go to sleep. I fear Beckett isn't going to be that easy. He definitely likes the body contact and doesn't sleep as well when he is by himself. I wonder if he knows he's one of three I have to take care of?

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