Friday, October 14, 2011

3 months old!

Beckett is three months old today. Love him! I'll add a pic when I can get it off my other computer. Zoe is doing great in MDO and is a "leader of the pack" according to her teachers. Knowing her personality, that is more what I expected of her from the beginning and why I was thrown with her crying. I'm glad she's finally finding her stride and enjoying school. Oddly, Beckett got the croup from her school (it was going around) about two weeks ago, and Zoe is just now getting it. Beckett did really well with his, so I'm hoping Zoe's is just as mild. This whole germ thing is really disgusting, especially for a preemie mom. Cody says I'm OCD about germs since Rhys was born and I am constantly wanting to wipe down everything with Clorox. Rhys is having his adenoids out next week. I am still incredibly angry none of his doctors have questioned all his bad adenoid symptoms before now because I know good and well we've mentioned many of them on several occasions. So much (more) makes sense now with some of his quirks. I am hoping having the adenoids out helps something, I don't really care what, just something.

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Mary Anne Whiteley said...

My oldest was almost 4 before someone clued in to the fact that he had HUGE adenoids. She had many ear infections from around 18 months until she had her adenoids out. The pediatrician and an ENT did not discover this. My allergist took the time to figure out why she was getting infections (once pneumonia) every single month. The last month she had TWO. This was over 8 years ago that she had her adenoids removed and she's had ONE ear infection since, when she was about 8 or 9.