Wednesday, July 20, 2011

more on Beckett

Beckett was born last Thursday, weighing 6lb 14oz and measuring 19.5 inches long. Not bad for a 36.5 weeker! Delivery went well, though my lower abdomen is black and blue from all their TLC during the procedure. It is currently a lovely shade of yellow-purple and itches to high heaven. Other than that I am taking a day or so longer to get rid of the soreness, as compared to Zoe's delivery, but I am moving well. I retained a ton of fluid from the IV (I lost count at 6 bags of fluid in less than 48 hours), but I am finally getting rid of most of it. Now if I could only catch up on sleep. Mr. Beckett eats on demand, anywhere from every one to three and a half hours. He is a beautiful baby and we feel blessed. I'll post more pics when I get a minute. One thing I we didn't underestimate was that we are now a three ring circus. But in a good way.

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