Tuesday, July 5, 2011

baby will be here next week!

Baby will be born next week. I'm oh so ready to meet this little guy. I had an anatomy scan at the peri's office today and all looked well. The fluid around the heart looks normal, we're still expecting a boy, and the u/s tech says it looks like this little man has a head full of hair. Baby is still measuring at the 50th percentile and his estimated weight is 6lb 4oz. You may remember they estimated Zoe's weight at approximately 6 pounds one week before her birth, and she came out weighing 5lb 13oz. So even if Baby's estimate is on the high end he should still be a decent size. Plus, he'll technically be one week farther along in gestation than Zoe was so that should give him a little more time to plump up.

Even though I'm ready to have this baby I am completely dreading the c-section. Not the recovery, but the actual procedure. I had the closest thing to a panic attack I've ever experienced during Zoe's delivery. Something about being cut open while awake, plus being unable to move from the waist down, the nasal cannula, blanket on my chest and drape in front of my face made me claustrophobic. I remember staring at the clock thinking "please hurry up, please hurry up". My OB offered to knock me out for the delivery, but I declined. :)

So in less than two weeks our family will officially be that circus, with three kids in the house under three years of age. Cody asked me the other day if I realized I'd been pregnant 22 of the last 42 months. I'd not put a number to it other than noting this was our fourth child in almost exactly three years. That's a lot of stress on a body and boy have I been feeling it the last few weeks!


Sherry said...

You don't know me but I've been reading your blog for a long time. Just wanted to say I will pray for you and baby!

Alicia said...

So soon! Praying all the best for your family with this new addition -- heaps of love, laughter, and special moments!