Wednesday, June 1, 2011

more school, and teeth!

Yesterday we went and sat in on the class Rhys will attend beginning next school year. I nearly teared up when I saw the group of kids doing their activities. I am so so excited for Rhys to start school! The class is similar to a preschool setting, with a very structured schedule and routine. There is one teacher and two aides, to approximately six kids. I was (for some reason) surprised to see that not all the kids are physically disabled. Actually, four of the five in the class at the time appeared to be typical in terms of verbal and physical ability. I'm sure there was a reason they are in the early education program, but my point is I think the social interaction Rhys would get from seeing other kids his age speak and walk will benefit him. The teacher mentioned that many of her kids are moving on to Kindergarten, so most of the new kids will be Rhys's age of 3. So, hopefully they'll be in school together for the next 2-3 years.

Speaking of school, I filled out the paperwork to enroll Zoe in mother's day out. She will go two days a week beginning in August. I definitely think Zoe's personality is such that she needs this, but I'm surprised to find myself hesitant to let her go. I have no problem with Rhys going to school, maybe because he is a little older. Anyway, I think Zoe will love school, and she too needs the social aspect.

And lastly, today we brought Rhys to the dentist for the first time. I've been to the dentist for as long as I can remember, and actually loved going, but I never had a cool pediatric dentist like this one. Well, I should say cool pediatric dentist office (even though the dentist himself was really nice too). This place was painted top to bottom with colorful murals, had a media room with a big movie screen and bean bags, individual movies playing in each exam room, and a toy chest to pick out a prize! Cody and I were completely dreading a Rhys meltdown, and even though he did scream and cry it wasn't as bad as I thought. The dentist only brushed his teeth and checked for cavities, so I think that helped. And he was unfazed by all the screams. Amazing! I was very surprised to find that Rhys's teeth showed no signs of cavities or decay. We brush his teeth as much as possible, and despite oral defensiveness Rhys mostly enjoys it, but Pediasure has a ton of sugar in it and I'm always worried we're not doing a good enough job. So our instructions are to try to floss (haha!) and keep on brushing as we're doing. We're to do the same with Zoe and then bring both kids back in six months... Rhys for his next checkup and x-rays, and Zoe for her first exam.

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Alicia said...

Such exciting times for your family! Happy news!