Saturday, June 11, 2011

equipment grant

Several weeks ago the lady who provides vision services for Rhys mentioned a grant program that our neighborhood sponsors for kids with disabilities. She really didn't know much about it, only that another family in our subdivision (that she provides services for) had told her about it and she then passed along the information to me. So Cody and I searched our subdivision's website for more information. This program isn't advertised, and we'd obviously never heard of it, but sure enough there it was! We printed out the application and requested the maximum amount. I provided Rhys's story along with copies of all Rhys's pertinent medical documents. I felt fairly confident Rhys would qualify, but was shocked when we got the check in the mail today. It was 50% more than what we requested. We are so excited! We applied for, and I just ordered, this adjustable height table for Rhys.

It will be great with his floor chair, as well as his stander, which is identical to the one pictured. He is much more cooperative when his attention is occupied, but a height compatible table to either the chair or stander isn't something you just have around the house. The legs on this new table are adjustable so it will work for many things. I also ordered the raised edges to help keep his stuff on the table.

The second thing we applied for was an iPad for Rhys. This is what we were concerned wouldn't be approved, for obvious reasons. It seems like an extravagant request, and it is!, but it legitimately can provide great opportunities for development for kids like Rhys. He is in love with our cell phones, and has figured out that he can move things around with his fingers. Plus, the iPad has a million great applications for kids.

So we're very excited to get this stuff for Rhys. And we're very thankful Ms. Lucy thought to mention this grant program to us. The best part is that you can apply every year! This is better than Christmas for me, I love to get new equipment for Rhys!


Alicia said...

How wonderful!!! Good times ahead for Rhys -- what a fabulous surprise!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

WOW! This is amazing! Congratulations!