Friday, February 11, 2011


Wednesday I had my cerclage put in. Overall, the facility was much less formal than the place I used previously, which made for a much nicer visit. With Zoe I had an IV put in and then had to wait for an entire bag of fluid to drip before I went in for the cerclage. I hate needles and I was anxious anyway, so the entire thing was needlessly long in my opinion. I was expecting a similar experience this time, but man it was so much better! The anesthesiologist put in a tiny IV, painlessly I might add, and we were ready to go. I was immediately brought into the procedure room, they hooked up the "Michael Jackson" drug (PC or not, that is what they called it) and I was out. I woke up completely dressed, sitting in a wheel chair in a small conference room. Cody told me I'd been awake from the moment they wheeled me in, however I wasn't aware of anything until about five minutes before we left. So it seems I was asking questions and making conversation for 10-15 minutes that I don't remember. Actually, Cody told me the anesthesiologist recognized our last name and asked him if we knew so-and-so (who turned out to be Cody's uncle), and I did vaguely remember that being asked, but not until he brought it up. Completely unique experience! So, the cerclage is over and done with. So far so good, but I'll feel better after my next ultrasound to make sure the baby is still doing well.

Rhys has been on baclofen since Monday and holy crow I didn't expect there to be such a good response. This medicine affects the nervous system so it is gradually increased (and also decreased if/when the time comes) as to not shock the body. This also allows for you to determine the best dosage without giving more medication than necessary. If at any time you feel that you've reached the desired result you can hold the medication at that level. We started with half a 10mg pill before bed time and the effects were immediately evident the next morning. The tone in his legs is significantly reduced, and during yesterday's PT session he was standing very nicely in his gait trainer. The dose for Rhys is increased by one-half a pill every week, over the course of eleven weeks, for a max of six pills per day. I am very encouraged by the response, and on so small a dose. Hopefully this will make it easier and less painful for Rhys to break out of the tone pattern and use the muscles as they're meant to be used.

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