Wednesday, February 2, 2011

table for five

Yes! I am indeed pregnant. It was unexpected and unplanned, but definitely not unwanted. If you think you're shocked, you can not possibly imagine our reaction when we found out. The discovery came just before Christmas. Nice gift, wouldn't you say? Yes, I know where babies come from. But since we needed the help of an RE for the first two, and nothing changed after my pregnancy with R&B (however brief), I never suspected anything would be different after I had Zoe. Our issues were not so severe as far as infertility goes and my RE said it wasn't impossible to occur on its own, just unlikely. So it must have been something about recently giving birth, quitting nursing and just a good ole' fluke that allowed this to happen. We should start playing the lottery. Seriously.

I am nearly 14 weeks, and will be having a cerclage put in next week. I am hoping that goes as well as it did with Zoe, but I am still a bucket of worry. With each pregnancy I learn new things and that kind of knowledge doesn't do me any favors. My mind constantly spins and analyzes. I hate the never ending worry and concern that comes with being pregnant, and I'm not even talking about the potential of preterm labor. Oh to be one of the naive ones who take for granted everything will turn out perfectly. Aside from complete exhaustion I have actually felt great. But the fatigue has finally started to fade and I can now make it through the day without fearing I will fall asleep while my kids are roaming the house.

Our newest addition is due in early August, but we'll do everything precautionary as we did with Zoe to make sure (s)he stays cooking as long as possible. Delivery goal is early July, just before Rhys's birthday. Poor kid, I hate that he's going to have to share his day but it is what it is. Our "sweet" baby is below. The u/s tech at my peri's office gets a little carried away with the sweetness of things. :)
We're very excited about our new little guy or gal, even though we'll be the family circus with three children under three. We've always known we wanted at least one more baby, we just never thought to have all the kids so close together. I know someone is laughing at us and all our plans. You'd think I'd have learned by now that we don't have the final say.

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