Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I should...

I feel like I do everything, all day long, yet nothing gets done. I wash clothes, wash dishes, wash kids, only to have to do it again minutes later. And then there are the million other things I should do...

I should actually get out of my PJs every day and put on makeup.

I should be a little more motivated to get the kids out of the house more often.

I should tell you Zoe, and her first cousin Ian, share the same birth day. That's another story!

I should stop browsing the internet as often as I do.

I should actually exercise, eat right and attempt to lose my last 8 pregnancy pounds instead of staring at the scale wondering why it isn't moving in the right direction.

I should make sure I see my baby brother more often. I love him dearly and he loves my kids!

I should push Rhys a little harder with the foods he eats instead of taking the easy way of not aggravating his gag reflex and thereby skipping the cleanup of vomit.

I should quit avoiding telemarketer calls, and instead answer to remind them I'm on the Do Not Call list and quit dialing my number!

I should try to have more patience with Rhys and his whining instead of fussing at him for not communicating with me in a different way.

I should schedule the well baby checkups for Rhys and Zoe instead of dragging my feet because I feel they've both been stuck more times than they deserve.

I should make an appointment for my OB/GYN checkup instead of avoiding that place like the plague because I was there so often the last twelve months I now know everyone's name and job function.

Okay, I should really stop now before I start to sound like a whiner...

I am really not this crazy, I just get wired when I have a mental "to-do" list. Which is quite often lately it seems since my mind races with all the things that need to be taken care of. And that keeps me from sleeping. Like now. But rest assured... I am not feeling overwhelmed, just a little over worked. :)


Alicia said...

I loved this post. So honest, and so familiar to moms of small children everywhere. It seems like the days just disappear sometimes, while the stack of tasks in our mental inbox never diminishes...

You're doing an amazing job being the unceasingly committed and devoted mom of two special little kiddos in your care every day. It's a race made for endurance runners, not sprinters...and you are one strong mama!

In a way, it's kind of liberating to realize the to-do list will never be caught up. It helped me go ahead and take time for myself and with my hubby every now and then; to enjoy an uninterrupted delicious meal I didn't have to cook or clean up, to hang out with other adults, to laugh with friends and enjoy things (for an hour or two) that I never had time for in my daily life any more.

Thanks for sharing. I remember feeling like this nearly every day when my two were smaller, and I still feel that way sometimes even now! Such is motherhood. :)

amyoutlaw said...

I should've showered yesterday......:-). Cheers!


Crystal M said...

You SHOULD give yourself MORE credit! You are an AMAZING mom - who is completely normal and overwhelmed like the majority of most of us moms! It just shows how much you care about the day to day lives of your children and what they are experiencing and what you want for them! I don't think I've been to bed before midnight in months because of my darn mental check lists! Maybe that's why we've always related to each other - ha! We are planners and just can't help ourselves. I will tell you though - since I've had my second child, I've learned that I certainly have to be more flexible and things don't ever seem to happen as planned! I'm adapting, begrudingly, but I think it's making me a better mom! Give yourself more credit - your children are so blessed that you are their mommy! Love you dearly girl!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Yikes! Your checklist makes me tired. I loved this post, though, and the fact that you apologized for being whiney at the end. That is something I would do! For the record, you definitely did NOT sound whiney - maybe just a bit overwhelmed...

Thanks for posting this! It makes me feel like I'm part of a team and I'm not the only person racing to keep up :-) When I feel overwhelmed I try jotting down everything that I need/want to do. Then I can start crossing them off as I actually get them done. It's such a good feeling to cross something off. I hope posting this helped you. Some of these ladies made some great comments. I also think you're great :-) Hugs!