Thursday, July 8, 2010

our little diva

Zoe is growing, growing, growing. I couldn't believe when she was born. Healthy and all tiny with loose skin. We don't have loose skin any longer!

In fact, this baby girl is pleasantly plump. Everywhere. I love watching her personality develop.

She's got a great smile, just like Rhys. And she's now starting to "talk" up a storm. When I was pregnant I kept telling Cody she was going to be a busy body because she was constantly kicking. And so far that has proven true.


Bran said...

She is too darn cute!

Crystal M said...

She is just beautiful Candice! Sooo cute!! I can't wait to finally get to meet her!

Alicia said...

I can't believe all the hair she has, so adorable! Don't know if you have seen this site, but I came across it and bought a couple of the headbands for my little one
My little girl doesn't have enough hair for bows, but they do have cute bows on there also and yours has plenty of hair for bows, just thought I would share!