Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 yr & 4 month updates

Rhys and Zoe are both getting so big. At Rhys's last nutrition appointment we realized that even though he'd been gaining some weight, it wasn't quite what it needed to be. So, we've been pushing extra snacks so he'll get more calories. I really think he needed the extra calories anyway. It is hard for me to gauge what he wants/needs since he doesn't communicate except for whining. I think it's working pretty well though because he is nearly 25.5 pounds, which is a pretty good weight gain from the ~23.5 pounds.

We've been doing the mouth exercises the SP recommended. I have been bad and forgotten to do them a few days. I can't do it after he eats because he'll gag and throw up. I had a duh moment that ended with me spot botting my rug. Rhys actually handles it fairly well, though he wants to chew on the little tool I stick in his mouth. Which would be okay, because that is actually one of the exercises to get them to chew with his molars, except that I also have to stick my finger in his mouth to "stretch" his gums. I'm sure you can see where this is going... he has mistaken my finger for the tool and I got a first hand feel of his sharp little teeth. I can see a small improvement in his speech. He isn't talking or using words, but I really think he's articulating his sounds better. And, maybe there is a tiny improvement in his chewing. I gave him something the other day that was out of the norm and even though he did have a bit of a gag when it didn't break down as quickly as he wanted he kept chewing and worked through it until he swallowed.

Rhys is also rolling all over the place. It is getting very easy for him to roll onto his stomach. He used to be a little hesitant and had to put a lot of effort into it, but now it's very smooth. He is also starting to raise up a little on his elbows. He still gets extremely frustrated when things do go his way, but I see his little brain working trying to put things together. I typically put him on a sheet instead of laying him directly on the ground and instead of working to move towards what he wants he's started pulling the sheet to bring it towards him. Even though I'd rather him learn to crawl that is problem solving.

Last week Rhys really got into his swim lessons. He started kicking in the water and also was participating in the other activities. The instructor said he was doing great with his swim skills. He doesn't want to monkey crawl along the edge of the pool, and he obviously can't crawl out of the pool, but he is enjoying it and the PT thinks it is really helping his tone.

Zoe is talking up a storm and is starting to laugh. We've been working on the floor trying to get her to push up and she hates it! She recently discovered the mirror and it's hilarious watching her look at herself. What a ham! She's been drooling a ton and chewing on her fingers. And the bottom front of her gums are a bit puckered and hard. It seems like she is teething, though when Rhys's first teeth came it in was a total nightmare, so either she's going to be a good girl and not give us fits or the teeth aren't close to popping through just yet. She still has no eating schedule to speak of, and wakes anywhere from one to four times a night. I am all about the nursing thing, but man I can't deal with this for much longer. Hopefully she'll regulate the eating a little better when she starts solids because if she doesn't we're moving to the bottle!

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