Tuesday, August 25, 2009

well, well baby

Rhys saw the pedi today for his 12-month well baby checkup. We love the pedi because the whole staff knows how to pronounce his name, it is lovely. Beyond that, we get in and out lickety split. No waiting for extended periods in the lobby with other sick children.

His pedi was thrilled with Rhys's weight. We are forever worried about his eating, so we sometimes don't easily see how well he's growing. They weighed him with his clothes (usually it is only with a diaper), and that just put him on the growth chart for his actual age. Officially, naked, he is about 19 pounds and 28 inches long. That puts him in about the 25th percentile for his adjusted age for both height and weight, and just shy of the growth chart for each for his actual age. His head though... well that is a different matter entirely. My baby boy, who has always had a rather large head, is in the 25th percentile for head circumference for his actual age. Ahem. All the more room for smarts my dear.

His lungs sound great, ears and throat look good. She isn't concerned about Rhys's delayed development, as she pointed out that she doesn't care when he does things, just as long as he continues to make forward progress. Today Rhys also got four shots, and let me tell you he was none too happy. Until about 5 minutes afterwards he'd already forgotten and was flirting with the receptionist. His bandaids are always cute... and he belly laughed when I pulled them off. Must have tickeled.


Alicia said...

He looks wonderful!

Parker's mom said...

Amazing! Though Miss Bella is beating both boys out on the weight....Parker is weighing in at just shy of 20lbs...Bella is over 20! I am glad all is well with the main Texas man! Will call you at some point again to catch up....have some questions for you about reflux...