Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend wedding

My baby brother got married this weekend.  I still can't believe it!  Zoe was flower girl, Rhys introduced the bride.  Zoe was, well she was just Zoe.  Things got started a little late and all she wanted to do was play.  This is what I had to deal with leading up to the wedding.  She was throwing fits, throwing her flower petals, and just overall being a grump.  Not fun!!

She was happy to be outside though, for a minute.  Then she wanted to run and play.  I managed to keep her clean but she wasn't happy about it.

I am excited to have gained a new niece!  The kids love her and she is super sweet!

Rhys's sign reads "Uncle Chad here comes your girl!"

I handed Zoe off to Cody once they were lined up.  He's keeping her from bolting.  She did manage to make it down the aisle, but jetted straight back up before the bride came down.  Funny, maybe?  Probably it if isn't your kid doing it! :)

Just for laughs, this is a great representation of our entire night.  Rhys was an angel, Zoe was a goof and Beckett didn't want to stand still long enough to do much of anything.  You turn your back and he's gone!

The best we could get, but I love it!

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