Monday, February 13, 2012

the past few months, in cell phone pics

several captured moments over the last few months
in no particular order

waiting for our first teeth cleaning

shoulder ride on Grandpa!

pool time last summer

who doesn't love the ball pit?

waiting for his MRI

lounging in the bouncy seat

at the Market with mom and Nonna

waiting patiently for her turn at pics

newborn cutie

too early for smiles, Rhys before his adenoid removal

Zoe helping her Nonna sell some goodies

Rhys watching Shamu on our October trip to Sea World

Zoe's first day of MDO

Rhys's first day of school

baby Beckett on the way home from the hospital

Rhys playing with his Mack truck

baby girl making a run to grab lunch back in August

sweet baby B

Rhys after his adenoid removal, poor kid

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