Monday, May 23, 2011

finally updated!

Okay, so we've been busy. You'd not think me sitting on the couch required much effort, but it does! Just kidding. If Zoe's pregnancy was all waiting around, relaxing (is there such a thing with a high risk pregnancy?) and staying off my feet, this one is completely opposite. Even with daily help I am still up and down all day long. Oddly enough this hasn't (yet!) made a difference with contractions, etc., but I can definitely feel it in my legs, feet and back this time around. Of course my, ahem, 2 pounds per week weight gain could also be contributing to that. We've got seven weeks left, and counting! And we're so excited to meet our new little guy.

I know it's usually the way things work, but I feel like this little man is getting the shaft. R&B of course had new everything since they were our first. By default, since Z was a girl she had nearly everything new as well, but this one is just getting hand-me-down everything. Not to mention he's going to eventually be sharing one of his sibling's room so I can keep a dedicated guest room for a while. So, other than a few to-be-personalized-once-we-have-a-name items we're just rolling with it and will probably have to stop to get newborn diapers on the way home from the hospital. :)

Both the kids have just gotten over the crud. Z I think has just had allergies, since hers was a clear, runny nose, with lots of sneezing, itchy eyes and occasional coughing. Poor Rhys ended up on breathing treatments and antibiotics for wheezing and a possible ear infection. Oh, and he threw up in the lobby of the doctor's office. It was awesome!

His transition from group swim lessons to private lessons was a bit rough at first. Even though it was the same activities and the same instructor he screamed for the entire first two sessions.
Now he gets upset when I first hand him over, but he quickly gets over it and enjoys himself. He's actually doing well attempting to float on his back, and he's monkey crawling with two hands! Which is a big deal for him since he previously only wanted to grab on with his left.

We really love his teacher. She is fantastic with him. Everyone at the swim club knows who Rhys is now, I think mostly because of the situation with his CP. But, it's kind of funny to see random staff who I have never met say "oh, yeah, that's Rhys".

Our wild child is oh so close to walking. She stands independently and will take a step or two, but as soon as she realizes what she's doing she either dives towards you or sits down. She keeps it interesting around here to be sure. She is a drama.queen!

She had her first sucker the other day and absolutely loved it. Of course there isn't much this little lady doesn't like. We are so thankful she is a good eater. I just hope our newest addition is half as good an eater as she is.
And because we are parents of the year, we forgot our camera at Zoe's first birthday. Instead of driving back home to get it, a friend offered to let us use theirs. We just got the disk, but I now can not find where Cody stashed it or uploaded the pictures. So, here are a few I could find. Z and her cousin Ian, who were born only a couple hours apart, shared a birthday party.


Jennie said...

I love those legs...and the sucker picture is PRICELESS!! So glad Rhys is enjoying his swim lessons. Gosh I need to see your kiddos again soon...they are growing up.

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

The picture with Ian and the pinwheels is priceless. I think it could be captioned...'It's MY birthday. NO, it's MY Birthday!' LOL 1 year olds are too cute!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Happy Birthday to your little princess Zoe! (I'm lusting over her thighs on Chloe's behalf!)