Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Rhys is still chugging along with his development. He is horribly delayed in some things and not quite as delayed in others. He's sort of doing everything all out of order, but he's maintaining his pace and that is really what matters. He recently started grabbing toys, one in each hand at the same time. Last week he started banging them together. This is typical behavior for a 8-9 month old, but we'll take it! Not that I'm excited about it, but he's begun sticking his finger his nose. Ha. Coordination is coordination so we'll take that too! Rhys is also using his right arm a bit more. Most things are still typically automatically lefty, but I'm beginning to see him reach across his torso with his right arm. His vision therapist things he's doing great. He's definitely got strong opinions about what he likes, toys included.

His PT has started talking about shoe inserts to assist with his walking. I believe she's formulating a plan of what exactly it is she wants to do. Rhys is beginning to weight shift when standing, and even tries to take steps. Because of his tone Rhys points his toes when stepping and crosses one foot in front of the other. Sort of like a tight rope walker except more exaggerated where the stepping leg crosses the the stationary leg to a larger degree. He typically steps on the toes of the foot that is planted on the ground. But we're working it! He's taking steps and that in itself is progress. We bought him a new, taller walker and he is starting to move forward in it. I want to ask his PT about her thoughts on a gait trainer for Rhys. I don't know that he will or will not need one on a permanent basis to walk, but right now it seems it would at least allow him to be somewhat mobile. The walker works on a limited basis. It is a bit wobbly and is not designed for a 25 pound toddler. But I'll have to see what she says since I don't know much about that type of equipment and she might not feel it'd be worth the cost.

Zoe is now 9.5 pounds. Eight weeks into it and I still can't wrap my mind around a baby that likes to eat! She's filling out and now has two chins and some seriously chubby cheeks. I'm seeing a bit of lazy left eye in her, much the same as Rhys, so we might be visiting Dr. H again before all is said and done. Rhys has a ton of weekly ECI appointments so we've mostly been keeping to the house lately. My double stroller came in today though so I'll now be able to get the kids out of the house during the day, and work on getting rid of these last 15 pounds I'm carrying around. The neighborhood pools opened this month so I'm looking forward to taking Rhys for his first pool visit!

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Nancy said...

Hey! I haven't visited your blog in a while, but I have a good friend that's a PT and she said if you ever need any advice on equipment and stuff, she's more than happy to help out. She does outpatient Peds. Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll pass them along.

Your kids are looking great!