Monday, September 28, 2009

eating update

Rhys has made some major strides with his solid food eating. He is willing to try just about anything (that he can feed himself) you put in front of him. We're introducing new flavors and textures, and though he has preferences the only thing I've noticed he wont grab is an apple slice. I think it must be the temperature/texture because he definitely likes the taste when you hold it for him. He discovered cheddar cheese crunchies today and giggled like he thought it was the best thing ever. There are many things I've been wanting to give him (like cheese, it isn't Gerber and doesn't dissolve), but I'd been holding off for fear he'd choke. I decided to go ahead and give him these things, in tiny pieces, to see what he'd do with them. He only has the two bottom teeth (still!) so there isn't much his chewing can accomplish. But, he is attempting to chew, which is incredible for him. He will take small little bites, mostly by accident, but instead of immediately gagging he tries to munch on it first. This doesn't always result in him swallowing what is in his mouth, but again amazing progress for him considering prior to two weeks ago he would immediately stick his tongue out trying to get the food off. I'm really hoping a few more teeth will get him over the hump and allow him to really eat. What a relief this is. Every time I get incredibly frustrated by his snail's pace he surprises me like this.

We're also seeing some progress with the spoon! His ST has never thought he had an aversion per se, but he clearly did not like eating from the spoon even though he'd chew on it. We are mostly sticking with the stuff we know he likes (which is only a couple of things) for now in order to get him accustomed to willingly accepting it. So far this seems to be working. He is much more receptive to eating from the spoon and even will eat a decent amount at a sitting. We've come to the conclusion that jarred baby food isn't the least bit enticing for him so everything he is getting is "adult" food. Tonight we tried mashed potatoes, and though he ate a few bites I think the texture threw him for a loop - it wasn't his creamy yogurt.

Since the table eating is just starting to make progress Rhys continues to get all his nutrition from the bottle. His daily volume is largely unchanged from what it was day one, but nixing the cereal has lowered his caloric intake. He hasn't lost any weight in the last month, but he hasn't gained any either. We discussed it with the nutritionist and we feel like he still has a little wiggle room where his weight is concerned and at this point the benefits (of his increased interest in table food) outweighs the zero weight gain. We will readdress this at next month's visit to see if he needs to have his formula calories increased, or be switched to a higher calorie toddler drink like Pediasure. I'm not super crazy about Pediasure because (a) it has a ton of sugar and (b) it is incredibly expensive in this application, but if that is what it takes we'll do it.

Now if only Rhys would try to be interested in sitting. My most recent effort resulted in him sitting on the floor, hunched over at the waist with his head between his legs, screaming at the top of his lungs. He has having none of it!!

Today I am: 1 year, 2 months, 1 week and 5 days old.
Adjusted I am: 10 months, 2 weeks and 6 days old.

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Michelle Smith said...

Go Rhys. Mommy and Daddy are doing a good job!